“I have enjoyed Melissa’s online classes! I have been very stiff and the classes have helped loosen me up! I have learned to much from Melissa’s classes and have met new friends through the live exercise classes. She is the best!! Melissa is so encouraging, and I always come away feeling good.”

Sue B.

“Such an enjoyable way to exercise! I feel that my balance is improving as well as my strength. Plus, the class is so much fun that it gives me the impetus to continue!

Fabulous instructor who can modify the exercises to an aging body. I also notice that my energy has increased.”

Emily V.

“Melissa’s classes are awesome! She keeps us moving while having fun at the same time. The workout session held tone my muscles and the exercises give me a great overall workout.”

Mary L.

“Participating in Melissa’s class helped me to gain strength and balance quickly. Melissa is friendly and non-judgmental, so I feel comfortable modifying the exercises to meet my needs. It’s fun in a class where I can meet new people and have fun together.”

Toni E.

“Melissa is my lovely daughter, and I’m extremely proud of her in so many ways! I must have given her every coordinated biter of my being because I am a klutz. She helps me laugh through my awkwardness as I learn new routines. Her enthusiasm and passion for exercise and a proactive focus on aging have benefited me in more ways than I can express. She truly cares and has blended many of her talents to develop this interactive program that will be beneficial, age appropriate, and tons of fun!!”

Diane M.

“I first started to attend the Senior Sit and Fit Class about 4 years ago in Florida. I soon overcame my embarrassment  of sitting in a chair for exercise, after an hour I was glad to be able to sit. Soon I noticed that I was benefitting from the exercises and so enjoyed Melissa as she seemed to enjoy her role. Melissa is encouraging  and always aware of safety and though encouraging us to do more she is also cautious and offers alternative options if a position or particular exercise may cause pain.

Melissa seems to know each of her participants and is welcoming and seems genuine in her interests in us as individuals. This class not only helps with fitness but also is a social event as we older students are limited in our ability to socialize due to COVID-19. I look forward to seeing the others, some I know from the Florida class and others I know from the online class.

The new safety emphasis is welcome too. Hopefully, all the students will adjust their cameras so that we have a better view of them should a problem arise. Habits are hard to change.”

Karen W.

“This class has been the only exercise class I have ever enjoyed taking and that I have ever continued for a lengthy period of time. Why?  Because Melissa makes everything fun while constantly challenging me. She makes me feel part of a group that is all together while being in different parts of the country.   Melissa makes sure we work on several different types of exercises so we’ve had a good workout by the end of each class. The explanations for what we are doing are also very helpful. I may feel a bit tired at the end but my mood is always upbeat. I never feel sore afterwards, just well exercised.”

Jane G

“As one gets older it is important to ‘keep moving’, even though one’s strength and stamina may not be what it once was. Due to the pandemic, I was unable to attend two of the exercise classes in which I usually participate.  A friend who who was taking the Zoom class offered by Melissa thought I would want to consider doing the same.  First time I tried a class I was hooked!  I find the exercise, strength training, and balance work a terrific combination for me.  The stretches really help my muscles, the work with weights is good for maintaining strength, and my personal need for balance work helps me fear less the idea of falling.  

And .  .  .  the most important component of Melissa’a classes is herself.  Her teaching and modeling style, her professionalism, her humor and willingness to offer support in whatever way possible, is absolutely stellar, in my view. I would wholeheartedly recommend this Senior Fit class to others. Fun, relevant, challenging and one’s body really feels the positive benefit.”

Nancy F.

“I had both knees replaced in 2019.  It has been a long recovery. These classes have helped me rebuild my stamina, strengthen my leg and arm muscles, increased my flexibility and regain the wide range of motion I desired in my knees. It was daunting to restart physical exercise because of coordination and balance issues while my knees healed. However, these classes are available in the privacy of my home and overcoming my self consciousness was a big part of finding success after surgery.  Melissa’s classes have been an enjoyable part of my “new” weekly routine.”   

Barbara W.

“I always considered it a blessing the day I discovered Melissa giving fitness classes during my winter stay in Florida.  Her enthusiasm is always evident in every class she does. She is well prepared  and very knowledgeable about the program…she makes it fun to work for 1 hour to maintain our physical  fitness. Likewise she continues to add new exercises from time to time which keeps us interested and focused. She also explains any new exercise so we understand which muscle is being used. Our confidence in the classes she offers keeps us returning 3 times a week.

The benefits take time to show … since the beginning, I have noticed an improvement in muscle flexibility and strength in my body movements.The balancing exercises in the second half of the class are helping and most welcomed as that is a common need for our age group.

 I appreciate the convenience of being able to join these classes in my home. This is very important to me. Come winter, it will be even easier to attend rather than skip classes regardless of winter weather. 

I would highly recommend these classes to anyone wanting to improve or maintain their general good body health.” 

Glenna M.

“Let me begin by saying I love your class! I started out questioning how a chair exercise class could offer any benefit since sitting wasn’t my idea of exercising. I’m now a believer thanks to Melissa. She is very compassionate about her students and provides a great workout. Melissa provides multiple options with each movement and reminds us to not do more than we are comfortable doing. She always makes sure we remain safe while pushing us to obtain a benefit to the exercise. I especially appreciate her informing us what each movement will target. Her classes offer a complete workout and includes balance as well as strengthening and relaxation. A plus as we begin to age. 

My husband Dave and I are enjoy taking her class together. It’s a perfect way to keep us moving and staying healthy. You’ll be quite impressed with Melissa’s compassion to health and fitness. Her enthusiasm makes exercising so much fun. Give chair exercising a try with Melissa.” 

Sandy & Dave S.

“I’ve  been a participant of Melissa Merkle’s Silver Sweat Class for almost 6 months. Upon the closing of our local recreational center, I was introduced to the program by Melissa’s mother, who is a friend and classmate in our silver sneakers splash class. I wanted to continue to exercise during this time of shut down and Melissa’s class was the perfect opportunity.

Melissa is a knowledgeable, energetic, motivational instructor who is fun to be with for the hour.  She provides us with instruction along with demonstration of the exercises she will be doing.  She explains how the exercise will benefit our bodies and she has options for the exercises that meets our differing abilities.  Our zoom class has participants from a variety of states and we have a good time exercising together.

The benefits for me in the Silver Sweat class are increased flexibility and balance, better range of motion and an overall stronger body along with good wellness check ups. She challenges us to do our very best safely.  Melissa greets each one of us and makes us feel welcome and special. She continues to learn new things and keeps herself up to date on new and improved techniques. She is truly dedicated and I highly recommend her class.  Thank you Melissa!” 

Linda H.

“I’m very thankful that I was in your SitNFit class a couple of months prior to surgery because it strengthened all my muscles….many of which I’ve had to rely on during this recovery phase! Also I appreciate all your concern and well wishes along the way!! Your class is just what I need and I’m anxious to get back to it.”

Cindy R.