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Right diet, ​Right exercise,

Right mind

I’m on a mission to change the way the world looks ​at and treats mental health.

I believe in integrating exercise, nutrition and social ​connections to build stronger brains, fight mental ​illness, and promote mental wellbeing.

...because everyone deserves to feel good.

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Research shows exercise is 1.5 ​times more effective in treating ​depression than counseling & ​leading medications.*

*University of South Australia. (2023, February 23). Exercise more effective than medicines to manage mental health, study ​shows. ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 4, 2024 from*

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Empowering the world through wellness.

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Nutrition for Mental ​Wellbeing™

A transformative program ​integrating the latest nutrition ​strategies to improve brain ​health and promote mental ​wellbeing in women.

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Keynotes, lunch & learns, and ​wellbeing workshops for ​groups and organizations.

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Consulting for businesses, ​gyms & fitness professionals.

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Hi friend - I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Melissa Merkle, a ​Speaker and Health and Fitness Expert, specializing in ​Mental Health & Wellbeing.

With 20+ years in the wellness industry, I’ve observed ​countless women (including myself) trapped in cycles of ​unhealthy diets and workout routines that only left them ​feeling defeated, depressed, and unwell.

And after battling my own mental health issues, I’m on a ​mission to change the way the world views and treats ​mental health.

I believe that mental health is really brain health, and there’s ​a lot you can do to keep your brains running efficiently.

That’s why I created a one-of-a-kind program, Nutrition for ​Mental Wellbeing™, that incorporates research-based ​nutrition strategies to improve your brain health, boost your ​energy, rediscover a positive, resilient mindset, and find ​freedom from stress and depression.

I believe that what you eat isn’t about the number on the ​scale. It’s about keeping your brain healthy in order to feel ​your best.

Thank you for being here. I’m so happy we’re on this journey ​together!

“Your mental health is ​everything - prioritize it. Make ​the time like your life depends ​on it, because it does.”

-Mel Robbins

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